Abd Al-Kadir Al-Gailani Mosque
    Although built some 700 hundred years ago by Abu Said Al-Mubarak Bin Ali Al-Mukharrami, this school is famous for being the living and teaching place of his pupil, Sheikh Abd Al-Kadir Al-Gailani. The Sufi Sheikh was later burried at this site in 1165. The Ottoman Sultan, Sulaiman the Magnifacent, laid the foundation plans for much of the current structures by constructing an expansive dome over the tomb.


Prayers in the 50s
    On the outskirts of Greater Baghdad and on the west bank of the Tigris lies the town of Al-Kadhimiya. So named after the Imam Mousa Al-Kadhim and his grandson Mohammed Al-Jawad who are burried there. The magnificent shrine was first constructed in 1515 in what was called the Qureish Cemetries.
    The Tomb of Zummurud Khatun in the Bani Hashim Cemeteries.

Al-Imam Al-A'dham.

    Al-A'adhamiya area of Baghdad derives its name from Imam Abu Hanifa (Al-A'adham), who was burried in the Al-Khaizuran Cemetries in 767. In 1066 the shrine was renovated, and a Hanafite school built next to it.

Modern Mosques.

    On the road out of Baghdad and toward the airport, is the area known as Um Al-Tuboul. There stands the beautiful Matyrs Mosque.
    It is one of a host of modern mosques which are distinguished by their magnificent arabesques and glazed tile walls.

    Other modern mosques of note are the :

    the Ibn Bunnieh Mosque and the 14th Ramadhan Mosque